Hello! My name is Michael and I’m the owner of AZNmade Studio and I’m a visual artist from Tampa, Florida, who currently lives in Dallas, TX.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the Art Institute and 10+ years of experience in the graphic design and illustration. I’m highly skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, strategic planning, design, illustration, branding and production.

I’m influenced by Americana, tattoos, wood working, old movies and human history. I always strive to combine many disciplines of art and design to create great works that resonates with my clients. Also I’m constantly exploring new directions in illustration, design and UI/UX design.

I have been hired to create artwork for clients such as: Converse, Image Comics, Urban Outfitters and many more. Please contact me at hitmeup@AZNmade.com to hire him for your next project.